Parents, Governors and Volunteers play an important part in the fundraising of our school.

School Charity Fund 

The School Charity Fund is a registered charity set up by the Governors to raise funds to pay the 10% contribution that we are required by law to make for expenditure we incur on improving or repairing the fabric of our school.  Funds are spent on improving the school environment for the benefit of our children.  

Any questions you may have regarding our current fundraising campaign will hopefully be answered below in our 'St Bartholomew’s Charity Fund – Frequently Asked Questions' document. 

To make a one-off donation or make a regular contribution to the School Charity Fund please click on the link below

Just Giving - St Bartholomew's School Charity Fund

POB's Fundraising

POB's fundraise in a variety of ways which include school fairs, quiz nights and bake sales. Proceeds from these events are used to fund a range of activities and projects such as cookery lessons, library resources and playground equipment.  

Click on these pages to access some of the fundraising links for St Barts:


School Charity Fund - Frequently Asked Questions

School Charity Fund - FAQ - Covid19

St Barts fundraising links

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