Board of Governors as at 22nd July 2020

Name Governor type Date of Appointment Term of  Office
Mr Mark Aldwinckle (Retired on 28 April 2021) Authority 29/04/2017 28/04/2021
Mrs Bryony Atkinson (Chair) Foundation (Diocese) 25/04/2020 24/04/2024
Mr Simon Avenell Deputy Headteacher, Co-opt 24/11/2020 23/11/2024
Mr Colin Baird Parent 23/04/2019 22/04/2023
Mr Charles Beckerson Headteacher / Ex-Officio 01/09/2011 Ex-Officio
Reverend Chris Bessant Foundation / Ex-Officio 01/09/2019 Ex-Officio
Mrs Elizabeth Chapman  Foundation (PCC) 22/09/2020 21/09/2024
Mr Timothy Cooley   Foundation (PCC) 22/09/2020 21/09/2024
Mrs Nidhi Fisher Parent 22/07/2020 21/07/2024
Mrs Sophie Graham- Godet (Vice Chair) Parent 28/01/2018 27/01/2022
Mrs Angela Jones Foundation (PCC) 18/01/2021 17/01/2025
Mrs Cathy Lynch Staff 09/03/2020 08/03/2024
Mr Richard Reincke Foundation (PCC) 14/01/2018 13/01/2022
Mrs Sarah Richards Foundation (Diocese) 16/01/2018 15/01/2022
Mr Richard Taylor-Gooby (Retired on 17 May 2021) Foundation  (PCC) 18/05/2017 17/05/2021
Mrs Juliet Williams Clerk to Governors Resources, PAW, Pay Committee

Committee Structure

PAW (Progress, Achievement, Welfare):

Sarah Richards (Chair), Charles Beckerson, Simon Avenell, Bryony Atkinson, Reverend Chris Bessant, Cathy Lynch, 


Colin Baird (Chair), Charles Beckerson, Timothy Cooley, Richard Reincke, Bryony Atkinson, Sophie Graham-Godet


Sophie Graham Godet (Chair), Charles Beckerson (Professional adviser), Tim Cooley, Sarah Richards

Please find our document showing Governor attendance at meetings

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