Physical Education

At St Bartholomew’s we believe that PE is integral to a happy and healthy life.

Children learn the importance of taking care of their bodies and are exposed to different ways they can achieve and maintain fitness for life. All children are taught the importance of competing with themselves to strive for ‘faster, higher, stronger’ results. These results are celebrated on individual terms. Children are also taught the life skills of teamwork and collaboration through team sport.  We provide exposure to many different games within the curriculum and through school clubs. Through competition comes the development of sportsmanship. Children are encouraged and challenged to give their personal best to a team, learning to work with others to strive for a successful outcome. Whether it is sharing the experience of winning or learning to accept the disappointment of defeat graciously, the competition provides the opportunity to develop character as well as physical talent and skills. We aim to follow the legacy of the Olympics and Paralympics 2012 in encouraging and supporting every child to find a sport they enjoy and helping them to develop their potential in mind body and spirit.

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