Curriculum Statement

Curriculum Intention statement:

At St Bartholomew’s C of E (Aided) Primary School, we embrace a rich, dynamic and varied curriculum. We support our children to achieve success through high quality teaching and learning across all subjects. Our curriculum offers a wide range of opportunities for children to excel as learners, enabling them to ‘live life in all its fullness’ which is at the heart of our shared mission. We place great value and importance on the teaching of religious education and support children on their spiritual journeys.

Our curriculum drivers:

  • Diversity: a deep understanding of diverse cultures which is essential for our children who live in and around Haslemere;
  • Environment: an understanding of local and global environmental issues which is vital for our children’s future;
  • Resilience: this will help our children to become successful in all aspects of life.

Through highly engaging and memorable learning experiences we aim to make the most of what the local and wider community has to offer. Children’s positive mental health and well-being is a fundamental thread which runs through the centre of our curriculum and contributes to our overall aim that they will all be happy and successful. Every subject with in our curriculum is planned to support the progression of skills and knowledge so that children are always moving forward as learners and ready to embrace the next steps along their learning journey.

Long term curriculum map


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