Pupil Leadership

We encourage children to take on leadership roles across the school. We see this as a vital part of their education. These roles are decided at the beginning of the academic year.

Year 6 Leadership Team 2022 - 2023



Head Boy and Head Girl

Deputy Head Boy and Deputy Head Girl

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Winchester House Captains

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Pupil Parliament

St Bart’s Pupil Parliament exists to give the students a ‘voice’ – via elected Representative pupils – about key decisions which are made regarding the school.  The Parliament is split into 4 Departments: Education; Wellbeing; Outdoor Learning and Environment, with a leader for each Department. Every class from year R-6 democratically elects a representative to join the Pupil Parliament each year, joined by our Senior Leadership Team.

Meetings are led by the Pupil Parliament President and Deputy President, and supported by Mr Avenell. Weekly meetings take place at lunchtime and involve sharing of ideas, based on class ‘Pupil -Voice’ sessions.  ‘Working’ meetings also take place, to organise arrangements for the various initiatives. The representatives develop their confidence, communication, collaborative skills, organisation skills as well as a real sense of helping the school community.

Playground Buddies

Our playground buddies are encouraged to be good role models to others and they play an important part in creating a safe, friendly, happy and peaceful atmosphere for other children at lunchtime.

The role of a playground buddy can include:

  • helping children to play co-operatively with each other,
  • resolving minor conflicts,
  • teaching children how to play a wider range of games,
  • helping lonely children to make more friends and
  • being available to be a friend to all of the other children.

Sports Leaders

Each year, 3 children from years 2 – 6 are chosen to form our Sports leaders team. This group of children meet regularly (every 2 weeks) to discuss and make decisions connected to PE as well as supporting the organisation of events for the whole school.

Their main responsibilities are:

To be role models

To support the class teacher and PE coach during PE sessions with retrieving equipment

Promoting the Run to Tokyo and collecting the totals

Organising events at lunchtimes

Keeping the PE resources organised and tidy.

This is an excellent opportunity of children to develop their leadership skills through having to communicate clearly and effectively to a wide range of people, increasing organisation skills, develop problem solving skills and reflect our BARTS values through sport.

Worship Team

Our school Worship Team is made up of 12 students from years 4-6.  We meet regularly to make Worship across the school as engaging as we can.  We talk to the students across the school to find out what they would like to see in our Worship sessions, such as choice of songs and prayers, as well as plan and deliver our own sessions for the whole school.  We also manage the prayer stations within school and carry out class questionnaires to evaluate the quality of collective feedback from the children's point of view.

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