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At St Bartholomew’s Primary School, we are always looking at ways to support our families in both their learning and their emotional health. To support this aim, we have a Home School Link Worker (Karen Eames) and Emotional Literacy Support Assistants (ELSAs) to support our families in maintaining their emotional wellbeing.

Our Home School Link worker will help families by working with parents and children and other professionals working as a team to empower and support families to reach their goals.

What is ELSA?

ELSAs are emotional literacy support assistants. They are teaching assistants and our Home School Link Worker who have had special training from educational psychologists to support the emotional development of children and young people in school. ELSAs have regular professional supervision from educational psychologists to help them in their work.

ELSAs help children and young people learn to understand their emotions and respect the feelings of those around them. They provide the time and space for pupils to think about their personal circumstances and how they manage them.

If you feel you need further support please do contact the school so we can put this support in place.

Here are some useful links to support you in supporting your children.

This is a brilliant link to the ELSA web page, here you will find lots of great activities to do with your children to support their emotional wellbeing.

If you cannot download an activity or do not have a printer please contact the school or Karen our home school link worker who will be happy to help,  her email is:-


This is the link for ELSA resources.


Below is a link with some parenting ideas with some basic top tips done by Karen

Mental Health Awareness Week


As part of the development of Surrey's Early Help offer, they are building a Hub which is intended to become a go-to resource to help parents looking for additional information about how to support their children. To find out more about healthy living, increasing activity, healthy recipes and weight loss see the link below.



To find out more about NHS advice for healthy eating and healthy lifestyles for families see the link below.


To find out more about Family Learning online parenting courses for parents and carers, including grandparents, who lack confidence or are struggling to support their children with school, homework or behaviour issues, please use the links below.


Family Learning Parent Bulletin

To find out more tips about how to look after yourself and loved ones (especially during the pandemic) see the website below. It has great ideas for good physical and mental health.


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