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At St Bart's we are proud to be an Eco-school. We care a lot about the environment and it is one of our curriculum drivers. We feel that it is incredibly important that our children learn about the importance of caring for our planet and being actively involved in living more sustainable lives. We have been an Eco-school since 2023 and have been developing a whole school approach to looking after the environment around the school but we have also worked in and around the community to show we can all make positive contributions to our world. 

Some of the actions we have taken include:

  • Some of KS1 children recently attended the diocese Eco-day.
  • Our children raised some money at the Great Green Get together to have a new tap installed to clean our the food waste bins.
  • We held a recent up-cycling challenge.
  • We hold a regular eco-shop where parents and children can donate unwanted items and buy other people's goods e.g. world book day costumes.
  • We have grown a wild-flower meadow on the field.
  • We now re-cycle all our empty glue sticks and whiteboard pens.
  •  The children recently wrote to the council to encourage them to improve the bins and recycling opportunities in the town centre. Some bins have already been replaced.
  • We are currently re-developing our own allotment area so that this can be used for all children to grow their own plants.
  • Some of our children worked with the church on their garden for the South East in Bloom competition.
  • St Bart's is due to be one of the first schools in the area to have an air-source heat pump installed to ensure a more eco-friendly energy supply along with the solar panels already in place on the roof.
  • Children regularly compost their own food waste from break/ lunch time.
  • We have designed curriculum trips to West Wittering and Goodwood amongst others to help our children learn about the environment.

Img 0891The Devil's Punch Bowl trip in year 4.Img 4118Bird World trip in year 3.  Img 2154West Wittering trip in year 2.  Eco team visit guildford cathedralKS1 Eco day at the Cathedral

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